What do we do?

      It’s not difficult to “listen in” on your communication, hackers can e.g. fake your website or influence your e-mail communications, resulting in your hard earned money being redirected into somebody else’s pocket 

      Does your IT guy know how to prevent it?

      We work primarily in IT, but we offer much more: 




          - data protection

      - Linux or Windows platform

      - Wifi security

      - company network protection

      - security testing

      - secure website hosting and testing

      - SW delivery to order

      - project management – supplier communication in your IT role

      - penetration tests (security testing)

      - comprehensive user training

      - GDPR readiness

      - company network setup and monitoring

      - consultancy etc.









          Some of the possible preventive measures are penetration testing and vulnerability testing (we can emulate DoS and DDoS attack), which allow us to see weaknesses in your security setup by attacking (based on an approved scenario) you internal and/or external network. The result of such a test is a detailed report, revealing individual discovered vulnerabilities and, if requested, also a recommended solution for their correction.